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Founder and creative director, Natalie Vishny, has but one goal: to create the most innovative and unique events that leave her clients ecstatic about their experience.
It’s a way of life for the Swellegant team.

Creativity: Swellegant Teams are a creative bunch and live outside the proverbial box. We run a lean ship and hire only the best in vendor partners, assistants, and interns. We spend your money wisely. It allows us to really let your personality or brand shine the way that it should.

Professionalism: We are experienced professionals at what we do. This means that we are specialists and harness that expertise to execute an event that is smart from start to finish. We also use our professional standing in the industry to garner you the best prices and the highest quality products for your event.

Production: Production is a strong suit. From checklists and production timelines and room layouts to disaster plans and talent management, there is a plan and process for everything. There are three phases we go through: pre-production, onsite production and postproduction. We know that when we blend creativity and design savvy with careful production planning, it is a seamless recipe for success.

Meaning & Impact: Events have a purpose and we capitalize on that purpose to create an impactful environment that showcases you in the most creative and meaningful way. From a dream wedding to a corporate gala award dinner, every event is designed to be relevant and personality (whether it be a brand or an individual) driven.

Extra Oomph: Drawing on a lifelong interest in the culinary side of life (Natalie is happiest in her kitchen) and a love for events, she has discovered that many of her clients really crave an amazing epicurean experience. She specializes in pairing client menu objectives with carefully designed menus in order to deliver culinary adventures that are unique, sensory driven, and totally tailored to her client. You’ll find no uninspired food anywhere in Natalie’s world. In fact, she knows that gastronomy is one of the most important and creative opportunities within an
event. Under her discerning and innovative eye, clients have enjoyed menus that are perfectly paired to their experience whether it is comfort food, a vegan menu or a gourmet soiree. To say she has found a specialty niche within the event industry with that thinking is an understatement. She’s not a caterer, she’s a foodie, and that means she offers a different perspective on food and how it can enhance your event.

If you’re looking for the extraordinary and want to hire a partner that will help you create a memorable event, it’s time to click the Let’s Chat tab, and schedule your free 30-minute consultation to find out how we can make YOUR event Swellegant in every way.


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