Curbing Your Control Complex- 10 Insider Secrets To Help You Relax and Enjoy Your Wedding Day


A wedding requires meticulous planning, and you want to leave as little to chance as possible.  For years, I have been hearing from my Brides that their friends were SURPRISED that they were so relaxed on their wedding day.   Here are some of my insider secrets for YOU if you are a Bride who has trouble giving up control.

  1. Delegate.  When one of your friends asks you, “What can I do?” give them a small task and check it off your list!images-11
  2. Hire Experienced Professionals and make sure to have a Great Wedding Planner. This will be your one and only wedding, but for professionals in the industry, we’ve had experience in dealing with many difficult situations.  We can help you greatly calm your
  3. Turn off your cell phone.   Anyone calling you on your wedding day really should be speaking to someone else other than YOU.  Hand your cell phone over to one of your trusted attendants.images-12
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.187241fde868559354b8edca7bdc7956
  5. Have your favorite quote, scripture, or photo framed and on display where you are getting ready.  It will help keep you centered and calm.03ac3283545920001af071c6388dfc66
  6. Do not plan on doing anything other than being a Bride.  If you’re a DIY gal, DIY every other day than your wedding day.  Today, you deserve to enjoy every moment.6ea429d9110f632e40ab276408dd33d9
  7. Plan relaxing events in your wedding day timeline.  A Chair Massage before hair and make-up?  Absolutely.  Your favorite foods for lunch.  Yes, please.5f366cd23ef2fa938957680e6ffa1ef7
  8. Make sure you have a copy of all Vendor’s Cell Phone Numbers tucked away in case of emergency.Dj hands
  9.  Focus on looking and feeling great!  Your photos and video will stay with you long after your wedding day.island hotel3-3_-142
  10. Remember the most important thing about your Wedding day.    You’re beginning your life with the person that you love, and there will be many other days that you’ll have the ability to orchestrate every detail.  For today, just take the time to LOVE.56454ea75897ea08fc055c56d8cd5b26
Be Swell!